Monday, May 16, 2011

No pain No gain! (but we still made time for fun)

Here we are a week from when I last posted and damn, we are moving at warp speed over here at 248. We have lived here for 2 weeks and are completely unpacked (minus figuring out where we want everything hung) We have even taken the time already to have people over for dinner. Thanks to Sabrina and Tal for making it up this way for seafood night and trying my first pie!

I'm glad Eric and I are taking time to enjoy our new home and our whirlwind of an experience right now.

So since I posted last yard work has basically been the name of the game. On Saturday morning we took over thirty 42 gallon contractor bags of yard waste out of this tiny little yard. I personally weeded and dug out this yard and bagged all of it. Well, after 3 days of all of that and a Zumba ass was officially kicked. I haven't had pain like that in a long time. Then Eric got super sick (which he never does) and we have been down and not able to do much more for a few days.

Now we are on the mend and looking forward to the end of this week when we can start kicking the yard/house's butt again. In the meantime, enjoy the photos and I will be posting again as soon as we take over the world.

OHHHHH...almost forgot, I got to cut down a tree. It was only about 13 feet high but it was still fun AND, for those of you who followed/saw my photo exhibition I meet with another person tomorrow in hopes of doing another exhibit, wish me luck!

Before, well midway...I couldn't find the camera


My first pie!

Sabrina and I


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