Tuesday, May 10, 2011

No time for itching!

Hello blogging world!
I would like to take this time to say I have no idea what I'm doing...I'm accidentally "following" myself and some other things are messed up. So, if I look a little dumb on this thing for a little while please bare with me. Anyway onto the house stuff. I wanted to drop a little info about our house since I jumped right into everything. It's a single home. It was built in 1921, has an awesome claw foot tub and pretty stained glass. We have 3 bedrooms, attic and basement.

Home is feeling pretty cozy right now, we are basically unpacked minus a few organizational things in the basement and our outside work has begun. The only thing that is not so fun is that I seem to be having an awesome reaction to something poison in the yard. My arms are slowly getting covered and my stomach is starting to get it. NOT FUN.

Backstory on our bed (go ahead and laugh now because the rest isn't that funny) we couldn't fit our box spring up the steps in my apartment so my dad cut the bottom in half and then repaired it. When we were leaving the apartment we decided to disassemble it and get a new one for the new house. WELLLLLLL, when we had to put Emma's twin box spring through a window for it to fit we realized our queen definitely would not fit in this place either. So my handsome carpenter made us a box spring this weekend. So now the back problems we were having are gone, which is great AND our bed sits higher which of course makes me feel special lol! Anyway, that is the latest and greatest. Just chugging along trying not to scratch myself, catch you all soon!

This is 1 of 3 stained glass windows. All the same design. 1 on either side of the TV and 1 at the bottom of the stairs.

Couldn't resist putting the goofball on here!

The awesome box spring and the awesome carpenter's butt.


  1. You really should get that itching looked at....especially since you have so much more yard work to do......find out how to protect yourself if possible.......If it is moving it is nothing to mess around with......Just my thoughts....Glad you guys are enjoying it so much.....as it should be.......Take your time and make it yours......Look forward to your posts.....:)

  2. Thanks Peggy! I had the dr. call me in a perscription. So things are a lot better since last night. Also, Eric and I took a peek at what the poison leaves look like online and identified it in the yard...so i will be more careful and last time i had a tank top on, this time i will wear long sleeves. haha!