Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Because I'm an idiot and haven't posted a pic of the front of our house yet anywhere. It's not that good but I will post more when the tree is gone and you can see the whole thing.

Monday, May 16, 2011

No pain No gain! (but we still made time for fun)

Here we are a week from when I last posted and damn, we are moving at warp speed over here at 248. We have lived here for 2 weeks and are completely unpacked (minus figuring out where we want everything hung) We have even taken the time already to have people over for dinner. Thanks to Sabrina and Tal for making it up this way for seafood night and trying my first pie!

I'm glad Eric and I are taking time to enjoy our new home and our whirlwind of an experience right now.

So since I posted last yard work has basically been the name of the game. On Saturday morning we took over thirty 42 gallon contractor bags of yard waste out of this tiny little yard. I personally weeded and dug out this yard and bagged all of it. Well, after 3 days of all of that and a Zumba ass was officially kicked. I haven't had pain like that in a long time. Then Eric got super sick (which he never does) and we have been down and not able to do much more for a few days.

Now we are on the mend and looking forward to the end of this week when we can start kicking the yard/house's butt again. In the meantime, enjoy the photos and I will be posting again as soon as we take over the world.

OHHHHH...almost forgot, I got to cut down a tree. It was only about 13 feet high but it was still fun AND, for those of you who followed/saw my photo exhibition I meet with another person tomorrow in hopes of doing another exhibit, wish me luck!

Before, well midway...I couldn't find the camera


My first pie!

Sabrina and I


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

No time for itching!

Hello blogging world!
I would like to take this time to say I have no idea what I'm doing...I'm accidentally "following" myself and some other things are messed up. So, if I look a little dumb on this thing for a little while please bare with me. Anyway onto the house stuff. I wanted to drop a little info about our house since I jumped right into everything. It's a single home. It was built in 1921, has an awesome claw foot tub and pretty stained glass. We have 3 bedrooms, attic and basement.

Home is feeling pretty cozy right now, we are basically unpacked minus a few organizational things in the basement and our outside work has begun. The only thing that is not so fun is that I seem to be having an awesome reaction to something poison in the yard. My arms are slowly getting covered and my stomach is starting to get it. NOT FUN.

Backstory on our bed (go ahead and laugh now because the rest isn't that funny) we couldn't fit our box spring up the steps in my apartment so my dad cut the bottom in half and then repaired it. When we were leaving the apartment we decided to disassemble it and get a new one for the new house. WELLLLLLL, when we had to put Emma's twin box spring through a window for it to fit we realized our queen definitely would not fit in this place either. So my handsome carpenter made us a box spring this weekend. So now the back problems we were having are gone, which is great AND our bed sits higher which of course makes me feel special lol! Anyway, that is the latest and greatest. Just chugging along trying not to scratch myself, catch you all soon!

This is 1 of 3 stained glass windows. All the same design. 1 on either side of the TV and 1 at the bottom of the stairs.

Couldn't resist putting the goofball on here!

The awesome box spring and the awesome carpenter's butt.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Illegal and's how we roll.

     And we're off! We were supposed to close on the 28th and that just didn't happen. We were held up one day due to some paint...some effin paint WE offered to fix before settlement but the seller INSISTED he do it. Long story short (and let's get to the funny part) we went to the house to do the work and apparently it was a liability and we weren't supposed to be there, in our effort to pack up quickly and stop painting the house that wasn't officially ours yet Eric's ladder broke. It was hooked on the roof and the rope broke( pic 1) I could've peed myself looking at us, at the house illegally now with a stuck ladder. We eventually fought it down but damn...we were sucking and the house wasn't ours yet.
    We moved in on the 30th and all has been going well with only minor bumps along the way. I forgot to mention that during all of the moving I had a friend from Belgium staying with us. So on our very first night in our new home Eric and I decided to have a bath (probably TMI but roll with me here) and right as we sit down to relax, KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK on the bathroom door. We were interrupted to find that our powder room toilet was clogged (with poop) by our house guest. Moving in only hours before of course no plunger in sight and it waited until morning.
     Through the week we had my Birthday(whoo hoo) and lots of unpacking. Finally, yesterday we started to do some actual work and as Eric was having more ladder fun I was doing yard work. I pulled a tree out of the ground with my bare hands and awesome strength, and yes I paid for that today. Eric almost fell off the ladder as a squirrel popped out of a birdhouse and gave him a miniature heart attack. So tonight, we tackle Em's bedroom and I'm sure the weekend will bring many adventures.
    Quick shout out to thank everyone who helped us move,was here the day after, and Charlie our new electrician :)

Eric's stuck ladder...hehehe


The friendly squirrel that lives in the birdhouse

My beautiful family :)

Friday, May 6, 2011


Hello Readers! this is my first blog to say hello and welcome to my page :) I will be posting our trials and triumphs in our new home at 248! We haven't even lived here a week and man do we have some stories! I will be sure to post lots of pics...those of you who know me know I LOVE PICTURES! so stay tuned and as soon as I can pause for a moment I will update you on the craziness.